Ring Mailbox Sensor review: know when the mail has arrived

Considered one of my favourite motion pictures after I was rising up was Honey, I Shrunk the Youngsters. In it, the primary protagonist, Wayne Szalinski, is a nerdy scientist-slash-home-gadget-inventor who develops a shrink ray in his attic that unintentionally shrinks his children and two neighbor children right down to the dimensions of gnats.

Nevertheless it was Wayne’s different innovations that all the time caught my eye — specifically, his Rube Goldberg-esque system for saying when the mail has arrived. I’m no Wayne Szalinski and I’m actually not an completed engineer, however constructing a system to let me know when the mail has arrived has been an ongoing sensible residence purpose of mine.

I’ve tried utilizing Zigbee contact sensors mounted inside my mailbox, and I’ve even tried utilizing a movement detector shoved behind the field to set off alerts on my smartphone. However since my mailbox is roughly 70 ft from the entrance of my home — and is a steel field that’s nice at blocking wi-fi indicators — more often than not, these sensors are out of vary of the hub and their alerts don’t set off.

Ring’s new $29.99 Mailbox Sensor is particularly designed to handle this. It’s a movement sensor from Ring’s Smart Lighting platform with an exterior antenna that you simply mount to the again of your mailbox, neatly extending the gadget’s vary and avoiding the interference points a mailbox presents.

The important thing to creating the Mailbox Sensor work is the exterior antenna included within the field.

The Mailbox Sensor communicates with Ring’s Sensible Bridge (which will be purchased along with the sensor for a total of $49.99). The Bridge permits you to program smartphone alerts when the sensor detects movement. You possibly can hyperlink it to the Alexa app and have Alexa broadcast a message corresponding to “Mail has arrived” on each Echo gadget in your house or use it to set off different sensible residence devices corresponding to lighting.

Mounting the sensor in your mailbox is a straightforward process. Ring contains double-sided tape for each the sensor and the skin antenna. There’s additionally a drill bit in case you might want to drill a small gap within the mailbox and rubber grommets to route the wire by way of. I used to be capable of keep away from drilling by working the wire by way of a niche behind my mailbox, however your mileage might fluctuate. Ring’s literature exhibits the sensor put in on the door of the mailbox, however I used to be capable of set up it extra discreetly behind the field and haven’t had any points. The sensor itself runs on three AAA batteries.

Double-sided tape holds the movement sensor contained in the field.

The antenna goes on the skin of the mailbox to enhance the sensor’s vary and keep away from interference.

It’s the primary mailbox alert system I’ve tried that truly works reliably day in and time out. Every time the mail arrives, I get a ping on my cellphone, and each Echo gadget in my home chimes an alert. It’s a foolish little comfort, however it’s one which brings just a little little bit of pleasure every time it really works.

That isn’t to say there’s no room for enchancment right here. Ring has performed the naked minimal to distinguish this movement sensor from others in its Sensible Lighting system, so the one alert I can get on my cellphone is that it has detected movement. It’d be nice if I might customise it to say the mail has arrived as a substitute.

It additionally sends an alert each time it detects movement, as a substitute of simply the primary time. So once we get an alert that the mail has arrived and one among my children checks it, a second alert is triggered. It’d be good if I might set a timeout to keep away from a number of alerts in a row (or block alerts at sure hours, corresponding to after I’m placing outgoing mail within the field within the morning).

However regardless of its flaws, the Ring Mailbox Sensor makes me really feel just a little bit like Wayne Szalinski each time it goes off — and it lets me cease worrying about when the mail has arrived. Luckily, I can’t shrink my children with it.

Ring Mailbox Sensor

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Ring’s Mailbox Sensor is a motion sensor that lets you know when the mail arrives. It works with Ring’s Smart Lighting platform for push notifications and Alexa integration.

Photography by Dan Seifert / The Verge

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