We gave this laptop a 7, then a Swedish metal band turned it up to 11

In the event you’re considering studying concerning the Lenovo Legion 5i gaming laptop computer, I now have far more than a mere written assessment to share with you. Swedish metallic band Iron Savages was paid by an advert company that’s representing Lenovo to scream just a few alternative traces from my assessment, and producer Claudio Marino made the video above.

To be clear, that is an advert. The company requested for my permission to make use of some quotes from our assessment, and I mentioned sure. That was in early November, and I fairly truthfully forgot about what I had agreed to. Then immediately, on the top of our collective CES 2021 grind at The Verge, it appeared in my inbox. It gave all of us some much-needed dumb delight, and possibly you’ll get amusing out of it, too.

There’s nothing like listening to the traces “tenth Gen Intel Core processors” and “enticing, but plainly designed gaming laptop computer” screamed in a guttural tone, whereas the Legion 5i simply idly sits there throughout the present.

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