We don’t object to this Reddit bot that turns arguments into Ace Attorney videos

Somebody needed to do it: there’s now a bot that turns Reddit arguments into scenes from Phoenix Wright: Ace Lawyer, full with music and the enduring “OBJECTION!” intercuts. It’s from these moments that it attracts its identify: objection-bot.

Customers can summon the bot by typing “!objection-bot” beneath a thread that may work as an Ace Lawyer courtroom scene, and the bot will generate a video primarily based on the posts. It feels a bit like shouting “worldstar!” however on Reddit. You possibly can see an excellent Cyberpunk 2077-related example beneath:

The genius behind the bot is Reddit user oppai_suika, who was type sufficient to additionally put up the supply code. In addition they observe in a comment that the primary and two fighters get assigned as Phoenix and Edgeworth, respectively, and everybody else is assigned a personality randomly. Different characters from the sequence present up, too, egging on the opposite posters or coming in with takes too sizzling to deal with.

The primary put up from the bot was 4 days in the past, however it’s been busy since then. There’s already a devoted subreddit, r/Objectionbotbattles, for customers to put up one of the best of the bot’s outcomes. One which had me laughing out loud re-creates the experience of being stuck in a reply-all email chain.

The bot solely helps sure subreddits, however it consists of all of the essential ones: r/politicalcompassmemes, r/vegan, r/MechanicalKeyboards, and r/JoeRogan. (In all seriousness, it’s a reasonably long list.) Clearly, it additionally helps r/aceattorney, and it’s been referred to as upon to dramatize arguments about its source material as nicely (based on this thread).

Typically Reddit arguments can really feel like courtroom dramas, with folks squabbling over technicalities, intent, and the definitions of phrases. Now, that have has been digitized with a few of our favourite online game attorneys, and it’s really superb.

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