Apple patent application imagines charging cables that might not fray so easily

Apple’s charging cables aren’t exactly known for their durability. They usually fray after a 12 months or two and might even break right down to the purpose the place they gained’t cost your gadget in any respect. (I’ve additionally seen they’ll flip an more and more bitter shade of yellow.) However Apple is seemingly engaged on some concepts to make its cables extra sturdy, filing a patent application for a “Cable with Variable Stiffness.”

The patent, first reported by AppleInsider, describes some totally different concepts for a cable that wouldn’t fray as simply. The strategies would give totally different components of the cable various ranges of stiffness, whereas holding the cable uniformly thick. They’d additionally substitute what Apple calls the “pressure reduction sleeve” — the stiff cap you’ll discover on the ends of many cables.

The pressure reduction sleeve helps stop the cable from breaking on account of bends, which might be useful since cables are sometimes bent sharply close to the ends to plug them in. The factor is, these sleeves usually don’t cease cables from fraying anyway. Apple’s concepts on this patent differ the flexibleness and stiffness throughout a whole cable, which might theoretically shield higher towards fraying regardless of the place you frequently bend it, all with out rising the thickness (which means no extra pressure reduction sleeves).

A diagram from Apple’s patent for a cable with variable stiffness.

That is only a patent software, and there’s no assure that Apple will use this design in future cables. However the truth that Apple has filed this software is an efficient signal that it is considering cable sturdiness. Hopefully we see some enhancements down the road.

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