NASA’s 360-degree Mars landing broadcast is now live from the best seat in the house

NASA is landing a rover on Mars today, February 18th, however in the event you’re on the lookout for a unique perspective than the standard stay stream, the space agency is currently streaming the scene from inside mission control — in an immersive 360 levels. You may go searching to observe folks as they go about their work, however there are additionally massive digital screens displaying a number of different views, together with NASA’s different stay stream. It is likely to be one of the best ways to expertise the touchdown since you’ll get all of it concurrently.

On the time of writing, the stream is broadcasting interviews with key mission employees, explaining the aim of right now’s touchdown, in addition to a few of the technical jargon that’ll begin getting thrown round as soon as Perseverance begins its descent.

NASA has provided a 360-degree stream inside Mission Management for different missions earlier than, including its 2018 InSight Mars landing. Nevertheless it’s nonetheless a very neat expertise to see contained in the management room, particularly throughout such a historic mission.

If you wish to see one thing akin to what a rover can see on the planet itself, NASA also has previously produced 360-degree views from the surface of Mars. And in the event you’d somewhat watch mission management from a extra produced, much less “select your individual” perspective, NASA has a “clean” live stream as well.

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