Pokémon might be famous for its games, but it also has some great gadgets

Pokémon is likely to be famend for its cooperative gameplay, delightful spinoffs, and making an intimidating genre approachable, however the franchise additionally has a protracted historical past of inventive and fascinating devices.

The collection is bursting with know-how. The unique in-game pokédex clearly takes inspiration from early Palm Pilot-like gadgets, for instance. And if you consider them, pokéballs are technological marvels: they one way or the other remodel residing creatures into particles that may be transported internationally (and within the TV present, the pokéballs may even shrink). So it’s not all that shocking that there have been many Pokémon-themed toys and {hardware}.

We’ve collected just some of the numerous memorable Pokémon devices in honor of the series’ 25th anniversary. The IRL gadgets vary from gamified pedometers to customized online game consoles to precise pokéball replicas (although they’ll’t flip residing issues into particles simply but). There’s a variety of gear you will get if you wish to catch ‘em all.

An precise pokédex

Tiger Electronics and Hasbro launched a toy pokédex within the late ‘90s, and I nonetheless take into account it certainly one of my favourite toys of all time. It was modeled after Ash’s pokédex from the primary season of the TV present, although with a number of totally different options to permit it to truly operate as a real-life toy. It had a keypad and a quantity pad for looking info, a small display that confirmed the pokémon you have been taking a look at, and will present details about every pokémon like its top, weight, kind, and a few assaults it may be taught. It made me really feel like I used to be a bona fide pokémon coach, and I keep in mind spending hours studying up on totally different pokémon with my pokédex.

Pokémon Pikachu

My Pokémon Pikachu was a staple of my childhood. Released in 1998, it was a pocket-sized gadget that was type of like a Tamagotchi, besides you took care of a digital Pikachu. But it surely additionally had a built-in pedometer that you can activate simply by shaking the machine up and down. (Or, like within the commercials embedded above, leaping.)

That shakeability meant that I used to be always bouncing the little machine to earn a forex known as watts. You may present watts to Pikachu or, oddly, gamble them away at a slot machine. You’ll be able to be taught extra about it on this pleasant Nintendo Japan web site that’s still around.

Nintendo launched an upgraded mannequin, the Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS, in 1999 in Japan and 2000 in North America and Europe, according to Bulbapedia. It had a colour display and will hook up with Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal through the Sport Boy Colour’s infrared port, permitting you to commerce watts for gadgets.

A pokémon-themed digital camera

Simply take a look at this point-and-shoot digital camera. It has a large Pikachu on one facet, two poké balls maintain the flash and the lens, and an lovely Diglett is the shutter button. The digital camera shot 35mm movie, and every photograph would even have a pokémon-themed border, according to the manual. (You’ll be able to see that border, which featured Pikachu, Meowth, Squirtle, and Blastoise, in this album.) A pair eBay listings peg its launch date as 1999.

The field artwork for Hey You Pikachu
Picture: The Pokémon Company

Hey You, Pikachu’s “Voice Recognition Unit”

Hey You, Pikachu was a Nintendo 64 sport that allow you to speak to Pikachu with the assistance of the Voice Recognition Unit, or VRU, that was bundled with the sport. It was launched in 1998 in Japan and 2000 in North America.

You’ll be able to see the VRU within the image above — customers clipped a big microphone to their controller, plugged that right into a particular module (which saved Pikachu’s 256-word vocabulary, according to Popular Science), after which plugged that module into the Nintendo 64 itself.

And talking of Pikachu-themed {hardware}…

The Pikachu-themed Nintendo 64s.
Picture: Nintendo.co.jp

The Pikachu-themed Nintendo 64

The Pikachu-themed Nintendo 64, released in 2000, put a enjoyable twist on the console’s design by making the on-off change a poké ball and Pikachu’s proper foot the reset button. I like how big Pikachu is — it dominates virtually half the console. And whereas I can’t keep in mind ever really utilizing certainly one of these myself, I think about it should have been very satisfying to press Pikachu’s little foot to reset a sport.

Pokémon mini

The Pokémon mini was a tiny handheld console designed particularly to play Pokémon-themed video games from cartridges. It was launched in 2001 in North America and Japan and 2002 in Europe. It was 74mm x 58mm x 23mm — described on the still-active Pokémon mini Nintendo UK website as “effectively beneath half the dimensions” of Nintendo’s iconic Sport Boy Advance — and got here in three colours. It even had movement sensing and rumble inbuilt.


The Pokémon Pikachu gadgets have been succeeded by the poké ball-themed Pokéwalker in 2009, which was bundled with each copy of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Just like the Pokémon Pikachu, the Pokéwalker was a pedometer, allow you to accumulate watts, and allowed you to maintain pokémon. However in contrast to the Pokémon Pikachu, you can switch pokémon backwards and forwards from the Pokéwalker, that means you weren’t compelled to solely look after Pikachu. You may additionally discover new wild pokémon and gadgets straight in your Pokéwalker by spending watts to play mini-games.

Nintendo has uploaded the Pokéwalker’s manual online, in the event you’d prefer to be taught extra about it.

Poké Ball Plus

Nintendo launched one other poké ball-themed machine in 2018 alongside Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!: the Poké Ball Plus, an precise, useful sport controller that’s appropriate with the Nintendo Change. You’ll be able to play each video games with the controller and catch pokémon by making a throwing movement together with your arm. Just like the Pokéwalker, it’s also possible to retailer pokémon contained in the Poké Ball Plus, and so they’ll even cry from inside it in the event you shake it round. The controller can also be appropriate with the large cellular hit Pokémon Go.

This Poké Ball reproduction that “mustn’t ever be thrown”

This solely barely counts as a gadget, however I needed to embrace it. Final November, The Pokémon Firm Worldwide and The Wand Firm announced this $99.99 die-cast replica of the Poké Ball. As reasonable because it seems, don’t go throwing it at your cat as a joke; it weighs 10.5oz, which is double the load of a baseball. And in reality, The Wand Company says that it “mustn’t ever be thrown” and that “throwing the Poké Ball will harm it and will injure somebody.”

However in the event you’ve ever needed to truly maintain a poké ball, shopping for certainly one of these is likely to be the closest you will get. It even glows.

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